Kabra Group, a versatile conglomerate, spans across diverse business verticals, including the food industry through Ecovinal International Pvt. Ltd, and the decor sector under the names MIGA Decor in the UK and US, and Euro Pratik in India. Unified by a core ethos of delivering excellence, Kabra Group consistently strives to provide unparalleled products and services in every market they engage in. With a keen focus on customer-centricity, the group ensures that each venture reflects a commitment to quality and innovation, fostering long-term relationships and sustained business success.

 Ecovinal International Pvt. Ltd

Are you into the delicacy of  French, German, Dutch or Kosher? We’ve got you covered! When you're in the world of cooking, you want the best ingredients to make your masterpieces. Our products are like perfect partners as you on the way to create  your “Work of Art”. We add an interesting touch to your cooking in any cuisine of your choice. Our pure pickles and vinegar are full of flavor, aroma, and quality, sourced from the clean earth, wind, and soil in the southern part of India. Ecovinal meets global client needs with a diverse product range, offering Natural and Apple Cider Vinegar, Gherkins, Jalapeños, Babycorn, Olives, and Peppers in various grades and sizes

Euro Pratik  Decor

With 15+ Years of experience and 150+ Branches in the country. Euro Pratik, a visionary in the realm of creative design and a leading importer of panel products, specializes in crafting premium interiors and exteriors. Driven by a commitment to innovative thinking, we focus on elevating both product development and internal operations. Our primary goal is to offer an extensive array of choices in the wall decor segment, empowering architects and interior designers to manifest their visions. With a dedication to innovation, our products bring about a positive transformation in the realm of lifestyle spaces. We keenly grasp the dynamics of evolving trends, consistently incorporating new designs, colors, and textures.